v1.2 Patch Notes

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    • Added player particles. This will be respectful of Donor rank perks and Rankups
    • Transferred the server handler to paper for lower latency and better performance
    • Added StaffChat for staff members.
    • Added a grappling hook item.
      • Consumed on use.
    • Added a custom message for /help
      • We will not be using a GUI for information
    • Added an advanced combat indicator system.
      • You can now see how much damage you've dealt and how much health they have left.
    • Removed Action health
      • This conflicted with the Combat indication system.
    • Moved McMMO messages to the action bar
      • This is to reduce spam in the chat
    • Added MobStacking
      • This was added to help reduce the TPS lag and clientside FPS lag.
      • This was voted in with a 2:0 ratio
    • Added a new chat system
      • There is currently an issue where if you go to Towny's town chat you cannot type in chat. Please stay in the general chat channel
    • Staff members can now vanish
    • Added trading
    • Added extra features for fishing
    • Added reliable AntiCheat

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