v1.0 Patch Notes

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    + Added first boss "The Alternate"
    - Powerful boss that inflicts 3.5 hearts of damage per attack and spawns waves of his minions every 4 minutes in a group of 6 that do 1.5 hearts of damage per attack.
    - When attacked by the Alternate, you receive 3 seconds of poison, wither, blindness, and slowness.
    + Added custom item "Alternative"
    - Item received upon slaying The Alternative.
    + Added custom death messages.
    + Updated MOTD in game
    + Updated MOTD on the Server Selector menu
    + Updated Administrator's color to &4
    + Updated Moderator's color to &6
    + Added a Spawn.
    + Added a backend backup system to prevent damage from attacks.
    - This includes inventory saving, and world saving at this time. We're working on economy and towny.
    + Added experimental battlepass-like system.
    + Added an AntiCheat.
    + Updated custom leave-join messages
    + Added custom Towny Pricing.
    - Fromv 0.9.7:
    - Reduced the amount of claim blocks given upon joining a Nation from 200 to 50
    + Increased the Claim Limit increase per member from 8 to 10
    - Increased Nation Creation amount to $500k
    - Increased Town Creation amount to $20k
    - Increased Town Daily Upkeep per chunk from $25 to $50
    + Added the Forums! Please sign up as soon as possible, before April 28th.
    + Added BountyHunter system.
    + Added backpacks!
    - You can only have one backpack inventory, accessible with any backpack in existence. Has the capacity of a large chest.
    - Found by voting, and by crafting one.
    - Removed the ability to join with the numerical IP address.
    - Removed AutoRestart temporarily.
    - Removed the ability to chat until you move.
    - This is to prevent bot-chat attacks.
    - Set a cooldown to chat after logging in to 3 seconds
    - This means that when you join you cannot chat for 3 seconds.
    - Set a cooldown for commands after logging in to 5 seconds
    - This means that you cannot use commands for 5 seconds.
    - Disabled powertools in Essentials

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